'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' Role Playing Game.

Paris, 1480.


A guide to the players of the Hunchback of Notre Dame Role Playing Game, an RPG established at the eve of a New Year (and century!), four years after the film debuted, demonstrating the longevity of the film's appeal,  and the devotion of its fans. The RPG is comprised of long and short time fans, young and old alike, all with something new and a slightly different perspective to bring to the game, culminating in a unique, brand new  tale that has been dubbed 'The Spider's Web'.


Yes folks, the ones who made it work, the wonderful, marvellous, multi-talented HoND RPG Players! TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You may all faint in adoration. They are presented in no particular order. Covielle is first because the girl who htmled this page (psst! It's me, Harley!) is in love with her and has a bias in her favor. But she promises this is her one example of bias. Really.

COVIELLE: http://www.geocities.com/covielle/index.html
Clopin Trouillefou: The "King" of the Gypsies, at the very least the man they recognise as their leader. Flamboyant, over indulgent, romantic, dramatic, talented, every now and then slightly sinister and sometimes just a tad bemused, Clopin is both a charming and popular, if also arrogant and pig-headed, gypsy man. He is a successful and skilled puppeteer by day, story teller and romancer by night. In his spare time he wears a cape and a mask. There's been a rumor about ladies underwear I won't confirm or deny *hem*.

Cam: As yet cloaked in mystery, the only thing we know for certain about Cam is he doesn't shower often and has no qualms about hurting young boys. Arriving in Paris bearing arms, this rough and ready customer looks set to stir up trouble.

Guillaume: A young boy with an unusual blood thirt, Guillaume makes Fagin's gang look like Friar Ted's choir boys. Having mysteriously lost his ability to pronounce "h's", Guilliaume takes out his frustration on the rest of the world, in particular the doom-heeled Isabella. Perhaps she stole them. Only time will tell.

Various Yokels & Damsels: To every great drama, minor players enhance the scenery and sometimes are very convenient plot devices. Covielle is proficient in pulling an otherwise anonymous maiden or youth from the background and using them in her storytelling.

DELILAH: http://www.geocities.com/mlledelilah
Judge Claude Frollo: The Honorable Minister of Justice in the city of Paris has alot more to him than meets the eye: on the surface he is pious and devout, a true Christian seeking only to rid the city of its evils, scratch that demeanour and he is revealed as a hypocrite and a bigot, irrationally believing the romany race to be at the centre of all sin and pursuing them, innocent or guilty, accordingly. His twisted psyche, confused order of morals, and inner torment over his nocturnal emissions (it was Lilith! Lilith!) have intrigued many.

Isabella: A  half gadje, half romany girl whose past is yet cloaked in mystery, whose very entrance into the world of the Gypsies as a victim of an arrow shot sets off a chain of events, the outcome of which has yet to be determined. A beautiful, defensive and troubled girl, she is sharp and determined and skilled in such dark arts as pickpocketing....and perhaps some others darker still......

The Eyes: This mysterious and elusive pair of eyes followed Claude Frollo's every move around his chambers. He elusively referred to them as his "dear". Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want? Do they belong in someone's head, or are they just a pair of sinister, disembodied eyes? Perhaps they are relatives of the Flying Eyeballs? All will be revealed.....

HARLEY QUINN: http://trouillefou.disneyfansites.com
Herlikin Trouillefou: Five feet, (plus three inches for the hair)  of attitude, this multi-racial hotch potch of feminine wiles and Indian heritage is Clopin's wife of fourteen years at the time the story takes place. Ferocious, frustrated in her place as a woman in a man's world, but not merely AS a woman if you get my drift (hem hem Clopin's not just a nice set of legs, ya know!), Herlikin is both passionately devoted to her husband and devoted to her need for independance. She can be a tad unsociable too. Putting it mildly. I'd say she means well, but I'd be lying. 

Abigail: The Court of Miracles' eldest, wisest and most beloved awenydd ("wise woman"), Abigail is hearty, brash, warm-hearted and intelligent. Her exact age is unknown, but she is well over seventy, (positively ancient for the time!) has spent most of her life travelling and only settled down in the Court when her health could no longer sustain the harsh conditions of outdoor life. She has a remedy for most everything, and a talent for seeing into another's soul besides. 

Various Convenient Passersby: A variety of extras can be very useful when action takes place. Harley will conjure them up as suits her. Sometimes she makes them go *poof!* too.

ALEMEDA: http://www.geocities.com/djalidagoat
Alemeda: A newcomer to the Court of Miracles from the town of Rouen, Alemeda is an orphaned gypsy, mysteriously cast out from her kumpania because of her father's dastardly deeds. (As yet, unknown!) Bemusedly innocent and naieve, Alemeda has befriended the kind-hearted Esmeralda, but slightly alienated Clopin and Herlikin, having caught them both on a bad day. (And being unable to tell Herli anything about her other love, Francoise.)

Esmeralda: Basically the cause of all the bad jazz that goes down in the actual HoND story for having hips that won't quit, Esmeralda is nonetheless kind-hearted, spirited, unprejudiced and friendly to the underdog, a popular dancer on the streets of Paris and ever accompanied by her lively and intelligent goat, Djali.


Quasimodo: The hideous and deformed bellringer of Notre Dame Cathedral, it is from the enormous lump on his back that the story gets its name. (the name of the story is, for the ignorant, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'.) Despite his overwhelming ugliness, Quasimodo's heart is truly pure and remains unembittered, despite the lifetime of isolation he has to lead in the belltower at the orders of Frollo, his benefactor. Kind to orphaned birds everywhere, Quasimodo's gentle and lovely nature is sure to win over the hardest of hearts.

Phoebus de Chateaupers: Despite the barrage of unkind, yet incredibly humorous, variations on his name HoND fans have bestowed upon Phoebus over the years (he's the least popular character in the whole she-bang) Phoebus is a hero's hero: loyal, just, courageous and good-hearted, if but a tad arrogant and bearing an annoying habit of making really lame jokes. Phoebus is an excellent soldier, but when it comes down to following orders or doing what is right, he will follow the latter. He's attractive, if you like that sort of thing.

Eilis Dubh Caen:  It is known she has sailed the seven seas on high adventures and has come back under suffrage with her brother, the ne'er do well Gael. Eilis is street-smart, sturdy and attractive and is forced to go along with her brother's shifty dealings as her age and unmarried state place her under his cntrol. Independant, cocky, and, if the term had been coined back them, something of a "tom boy". As befits the will of the Zany Gods which watch over the world and laugh, Eilis has got a "thing" for Phoebus.

Gael Dubh Caen: Eilis' brother, he has none of his sister's charm, social skills or aspirations to a worthwhile lifestyle. To use Eilis' own words: " Merciless wheeler-dealer not unlike your average sleazy car salesman, only much smarter. " He has a shady and hidden past with Phoebus, and it does not involve any "backdoor" shennanigans thank you! *hem*. Rather, it had more to do with the fact that Gael is petty and vindictive with a greedy desire to be the Head Honcho of all dealings round and about.....and Phoebus was simply better than him when they went to Military School together. One dreads to think of what he has in store....

Jehan Frollo: Cock-sure, young and eager, Frollo's baby brother is markedly different to the Minister. For example, he has none of those religious hang-ups that so torment Claude. Having returned from his studies a grown-up lad he has taken his place in the military ranks, and has already met up with the Gallant Lieutenant Phoebus, not to mention....

Imerald: An as yet largely unknown gypsy girl, Imerald has made her way from the woods into the city of Paris, for what - who knows! If it wasn't going against the general HoND Fandom Portrayal of the Gypsies as loveable, kindly and misunderstood, I'd say she's up to no good! ;) Accompanied by her faithful dog, Jade, Imerald has yet to reveal herself to the rest of the gyspy community.

BELLADONNA: http://members.dencity.com/frollozone
Lt Nicolas St-Josse: A curious mix of Hugo's Javert and Conan Doyle's Holmes (except this fella preceded them both by a couple a hundred years!), this driven and slightly sinister soldier has just appeared on the scene and is already wreaking havoc. Obviously aspiring to a less than savoury goal, Nicolas is not the calm and controlled lieutenant he tries hard to convince everyone he is. 

Pierre Gringoire: This boy-man is a neverending source of entertainment to gadje and gypsy alike, but not for the reasons he thinks. A poet through and through, he makes a living trying to write a masterpiece by night and balancing chairs on his nose by day. Far too enthusiastic, far too romantic and far too verbose, Pierre is a friend to outasts everwhere, although living their actual lives would be far less glamorous than writing about it.


Cosette: The young barmaid in the Bells & Motley, Cosette is near to albino in colouring, is sweet and gentle but capable of an ear twisting when necessary and a friend to the gypsies.
Captain Gueirron: The head honcho of Paris' army, he's gruff, he's tuff and he tells everyone what to do!  He's no dummy and can see through a facade, he's not quite a bad guy but he's not rooting for les miserablés, he just a soldier boy doing his job!

Interested in joining the fun?

Sure you are! AND you can! :D There's always room for new players to burst in with a song and dance of their own. All the lead characters from the film have now been filled, but if you've got a character/s of your own, then dameit come and play with us! To join up you need to get in touch with Game Master Alemeda, detailing what character you want to play, and then once she's approved that,  go and sign up for the mailing list! Then its simply an issue of jumping right on in! If you have a question pertaining to the RPG, be sure to check out the FAQ before sending it in!

Long before it was the City of Love, Paris was the City of......Paris. 
Uh....and is where most of the action takes place.
In varying shades of decadance, splendour, squalor and decay, Paris is home to noblemen, holymen, aristocrats, bouregois, commoners, cutthroats, theives and gypsies, and their various havens.

The Gypsies safe haven, deep below the actual City, nested in the long-since abandoned catacombs and caverns, it is the place where gypsies can go to be safe from the gadje who pursue and persecute them. 'Romany Capital' of Europe, it is presided over by Clopin, and many gypsies have chosen to take up permanent residency there, working and living together as a community.

The Imposing Gothic Architecture of this fearsome building looms ominously over the citizens of Paris, with a thousand judging eyes winking in the sunlight. It is where Claude Frollo makes his home, and also where those who have been arrested take up residency. Claude's Chambers and the Dungeons also have a frighteningly similar decor, which leads you to wonder just who the heck Frollo's parents were.

The beloved icon of "Our Lady" is a beautiful building of exsquisite design and a truly impressive structure. It is also a safe haven for the lost and bewildered, the outcast and the shunned, and of course, Quasimodo, although he has kind of been forced to stay up in one of the belltowers. But he likes it anyway, cos its such a beautiful building and the Gargoyles talk to him.

This just-below-middle-class tavern is a popular haunt for the Gypsies and their allies and/or associates. Inconspicuous, small, cozy and more or less clean, it is run by the spinster Pacquette who turns a blind eye to the comings and goings of the gypsies who frequent the establishment, there being a passageway from the tavern through the catacombs to the Court. It is Clopin's favourite watering hole.