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Hands off! I belong to Mistah J!!!
Harley Quinn pic from Batman, The Animated Series
Harley is not, despite what the wicked web whimsys will tell you, a mean and cruel person who leaves people to figure things out entirely for themselves. As funny as she thinks it would be to do that, she'd get too annoyed with all the questions she would be asked.
So Harley has decided to be *veeerrry* kind and write a little guideline to her Joker/Clopin XOver!!!
Ain't she sweet?


The Joker and Harley Quinn are my number one loves as far as fandom goes, but for all you Clopinphiles and HoND fans who grow up on sole diet of Disney, you won't know, or have very little idea, who these two peeps are.
Harley will help you!
I have a wonderful big website all about Harley Quinn. It will tell you everything you need to know about her. Go and take a squizz.

There is some information on The Joker there too, but to really *get* the essence of Joker, why he is such an enormous threat, what is so damn fabulous about him anyway, go to this website:
While not overflowing with solid info, the webmaster really *gets* The Joker and has carefully selected pictures and text to help you get inside his head. A fantastic site!

As for what it means when Irea says she can sense Joker has been touched by Faerie magik, well that's based on a little theory of mine, basically the big reason how come Joker never dies no matter how many injuries he sustains. The story(very short) can be found here:

Columbine is a fan-created character, copyright my very own best friend, Joanna.
To learn more about Columbine, the Lazara Pitt identity that is mentioned, Ra's Al Ghul (pronounced Raysh All Ghoul), why Columbine is such a kick-ass chick and other miscellanous info about the Divine Miss C, check out these links:
PLEASE NOTE: This story is VERY old, and things have changed about Columbine since then. She's become a little colder, a little meaner and a little more obsessive.
For you astute ones out there, yes Harley and Columbine's relationship is one step away from being sexual. Congrats if you picked it up. Joker is the one thing that stands between them.


OK, you Harley Quinn and Joker fans who only watch WB stuff and who think Disney is for wusses and basically sucks all around, for shame! But even more important: here's where you find out about Clopin.
This is the biggest Clopin page out there, and has links to lots more, so you should be very well-learned by the end of it! 

Frollo doesn't get an overtly large mention in my story, but should you be intrigued by his sexist, racist ways, then go here:
It's definitely the best Frollo site, and has lots of fun stuff around.

Belladonna - not a character from the film, or one of my characters. This character is created by my friend, Karen, of the same pseudonym - that is - Belladonna (owner of above-mentioned Frollo site). The character intrigued me and I wanted a compliment to Frollo, someone who would provide, I suppose, the Lex Luthor/Mercy Graves relationship. If you would like to know more about BD, and she's very cool, read parts of her story here

Irea - again, not in the film and not one of mine. Another fan character for Clopin whose creator is a friend of mine, and I wanted to experiment with other characters besides my own. To find out about Irea, go here:
(hint: pick Clopin!)

Mirage - see above. To learn about Mirage, go here:

With characters that aren't my own, I have tried to recreate them as faithfully as possible. I didn't write the fic to screw around with other people's creations, rather I wanted to try my hand at interpreting them, to experiment and test my versatility. I hope I have remained true to their creator's conceptions, and thank Joanna, Abbi, Nicole and Karen very gratefully for letting me use their wonderful, and very fun to write for, characters.


OK, you very clever people out there will by now have made the connection and be saying "HANG ON! Twentieth-century Americans and fifteenth-century French and they UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER??? HAAAAAARLLLLEEEEEYYY!!!!"
Oy vey! Gimme a break!! Yeesh.
There's no way fifteenth-century Parisians, particularly not the Gypsies, would understand English. It just wouldn't be necessary for them. Frollo and the Vicomtesse might know a bit, but it'd be more likely for them to speak Latin or something. But other than that - nope.
Now Columbine speaks French, Joker probably knows a bit, but Harley exclaiming "Inchanty!" (more commonly known as "enchanté") in 'The Laughing Fish' makes me dubious of her hold on the language. Also, medieval French is quite a bit different to modern French, anyway. I wrestled with this long and hard before coming a decision. 

Just imagine the language barrier doesn't exist.

Yup that's right. Banish it from your mind!!! REALLY switch on your Temporary Suspension of Disbelief. Ya know how ya watch a James Bond film, and Bond falls twenty stories, smashes through a few glass windows, crawls through a vent of gale force air only to fall into a vat of boiling oil, but then he jumps out and his suit is immaculate, his hair is still perfectly coiffed and there's not a scratch on him? But you know, you don't think that's weird? Well, do what you do during those movies with this fic.

And don't bug me about it.

'Cause I just won't answer yer emails! Nyah! ;D


"Mega-City Dimension Jump" - another comic book thing, from the Judge Dredd comics. Judge Dredd lives in "alternate universe" or another Dimension, and they did a XOver with Batman where they leapt from world to world using these belts. Mine have the added touch of being able to travel through time, and they also look a bit different. Otherwise, that's where I got them from!

Why didn't I use my own Clopin's Wife Character, Herlikin, in the fic? Actually, I did. She has a "cameo" mention. Anytime Clopin refers to his red-haired lover - that's Herli!!
I used Irea because, like I said, I wanted to experiment. Just say this story takes place in an alternate universe ;)))) To find out about Herli, go here:

Now, although I have used other people's characters, I have remained very true to the original conception of Joker. That is, the COMIC BOOK version. Very ruthless, very maniacal. Please don't compare this Joker to the one from the Animated Series. 

Same with Clopin. You may think that because I use Mirage and Irea's characters, I'll use their Clopin. I don't. My Clopin is a little rougher, a little meaner and a little sexist. =) He's still out for a good time, but he's also very vain, behaves a little superior at times and he's - well - he's Clopin (to me) as opposed to their more light-hearted version. Not that their version ain't great, I just didn't wanna use it =) So Clopin of this fic is a little older and a little more of a rascal then the Clopin you'll find in their fic.

Whilst staying within comic or animated world, where inconsistencies, unbelievable events and historical inaccuracy are not only accepted, but encouraged if the story benefits, I have tried to keep the story a little "real". I didn't do a lot of research on Medieval France, but I did try to create a reasonably accurate sense of atmosphere of the place, Frollo's lifestyle, his attitudes, the way the city is etc. Don't take any of the things I say about gypsies as law, I have kept a little to faith in terms of sexism, attitude towards gadje (non-Gypsy people) and lifestyle, but not much. Also,through most of the story I say Romany men and Romani women. The different spelling is deliberate. In Romany, the language of the Rom (gypsy) 'i' is feminine and 'y' is masculine. This being said, I can now just say Romany and Romani and drop the "men" and "women" at the end. =)

Any more questions?
Well, e-mail me of course! ( I would LOVE some feedback on this story, so get writing!!

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