About Herlikin
FULL NAME: Herlikin-Elise Trouillefou

NICKNAMES: The Gypsy Joker, Herli,Little Devil,

AGE: 18

HEIGHT: Five feet

WEIGHT: 110 pounds

EYES: Her right is green, her left blue.


MARITAL STATUS: Married to Clopin Trouillefou, King of the Eurpoean Gypsies

LIVES: The Court of Miracles, the secret hideaway of the outcast Gypsies. It's located in Paris, France.

RELATIVES: Clopin Trouillefou (husband)
Hussain DuPre (Father)
Elisabetta DuPre (mother)
Brothers - Ahvel
Harlan and Harlena (son and daughter - twins)
Clopin and Ahvel (sons - twins)
Serephine (daughter)

ABILITIES: Herli has two main skills in which she excels: Communicating with and understanding animals of most kinds, and pantomime or working with a mask to create illusion and the like. She adores animals and is far more sociable with them than with most people! She is also an acrobat of merit, though she must practice hard to maintain her skills. She can sing and dance prettily enough, passably well, but her playing of the lyre is mediocre. She must always work on these skills to keep them up to scratch. Her early years in the circus of her Indian tribe, where most members participated in all the acts, have given her rudimentary skills of juggling and small illusionary feats. Like most gypsies she knows a little real "magik" which is basically just an understanding of the spiritual side of one's soul, again something she has to practice hard at.
Like any good girl of her time she has been taught to sew and cook, but does not overtly enjoy doing either - her cooking is edibly nad tasty, but not brilliant, and her sewing consists mainly of stitching tears or sewing on patches, with the exception of her jester costume (which frequently falls apart).

PERSONALITY: Herli is vivacious, friendly and, when you get to know her, loveable. At the offset she can appear haughty and detached,but this is a safeguard which can easily be broken by anyone she likes.The person will then find what kind of person she really is.She used to be highly conceited and quite nasty, but gradually grew out of it. Though she can still put others off with her superior air and snappish ways, overall she is a good person. She is full of fun and mischief and loves to play tricks and have "adventures" such as exploring the nastier parts of Paris unaccompanied or breaking into the Palace of Justice to see if she can get away with it.She love stories and performing and does so with great gusto. She is not beautiful, but charming in an odd way, and her wildly different looks to the other gypsies make her very noticeable, although she is not always admired for them. She is intelligent, and perceptive, but her opinionated mind can often make her seem ignorant and one-dimensional.She has a very soft heart though she has rarely an oppurtunity to show it.. She is capable of tremendous love and loyalty, and would fearlessly die to save someone she cares deeply about.But there aren't many she does care enough about.She is outwardly relatively kind to all, but only considers a few amonsgt her close friends. Herli is extremely fond of pretty things, like luxurious clothes and furnitue, and in particular - jewellry. She wants ot be lavished in jewellry and dreams of the day when she will have a copious collection. She likes to be right, and she likes to win, and she cannot bear it if she is made to look the fool. Her pride can make her extremely stubborn at times, and can lead to others getting greatly frustrated with her at times. Overall,she's a very confident woman who sets no limits for herself - except in rare circumstances. She has been brought up as a princess of types, and though she treats noone with disdain or prejudice (at least not intentionally), she has an air about her that tells all she is a woman of strength and great character.She is more or less liked by her peers, but only truly loved and understood by those close to her.

HISTORY AND RELATIONSHIP TO CLOPIN: Herli was betrothed to Clopin when she was eight and he was fifteen. She thought then that she hated him, and was indeed determined to do so. Clopin was not eager himself,remembering her as a spoilt child,but when they meet again he can see she has changed in a few ways, though he is still not enthusiastic.They married when she was sixteen and he twenty three. Although both stubborn and proud, they made a pact to be friends. This pact grew into true friendship, a very deep and close bond.

Within a short time they were the very best of friends sharing all their anguish and joys with each other.Both full of mischief they had many great times, and grew to be practically inseperable. Herli tried hard to hide her growing feelings of love for him, believeing he did not return them, and he did the same.They were both falling in love with each other, but neither wanted to admit it. After Herli had her first two children,and Herli's oldest childhood friend,her pet tiger was murdered, their relationship hit something of a rut. Their feelings had grown to be almsot too much for the two of them to bear,and add to that misunderstandings and conflicting needs and they could barely speak to each other. However they both interpreted this as disliking the other. Herli left Clopin for a couple of weeks, but he found her and brought her back, at which point their love healed all wounds.

Later, Clopin was attacked one evening by soldiers whilst under the impression Herli was trapped in the dungeons. Herli knew instinctly what had happened and sought him out, saving his life. They knew then that they were meant to be together for always,and that they truly loved each other with a passion very few are lucky enough to experience.

Several years passed by in bliss more or less. But after Herli had the second lot of their children, she grew restless and persuaded Clopin to let her travel Europe with only her best friend Columbine for company. The trip was meant only to be a three month one,and for a while things went well, but in England they found themselves under severe suspicion and prejudice - worse than that they found in France - and their travels were put to a halt upon being captured for theives (which they were). Fortunately for them, a gypsy man helped them, if they agreed to be "bought". What this meant is that Herli and Columbine had a debt to the gypsyman, and must stay with him and his tribe, working with them. Herli and Columbine for awhile honor the bargain, but grow weary of it,and try to escape, failing.
Meanwhile, back in Paris and the Court of Miracles, Clopin has stopped receiving word from passing gypsy tribes of Herli's travels. He grows depressed, although he can sense she is still alive, and does not know what to think.He's not the man to let this rule his life however, and continues on although he misses Herli as she does him. Eventually he takes a couple of lovers, though Herli is still number one in his heart, and life continues much the same in the Court.

In England, Herli and Columbine finally manage to escape the gypsy tribe, but as the man who kept them know they come from France, they are forced to take a detour over Europe before they can return. Finally, after a year, they arrive back home in the Court of Miracles. Clopin has since broken with the woman he was with, and Herli and he are enthusiastically reunited, although the things they went through in each other's abscence need to be sorted out before they can return wholeheartedly to their old lifestyle.

They are however, and the two enjoy the rest of their life very pleasantly - Herli is now quite happy to settle for adventures within Paris, and Clopin can stay faithful to her now she is back. It does seem as though she has become barren, however, but no - when she is 33 the bears the last of their children.

What follows after this is a mix of happiness, adventure, contentment and excitement.

Both Clopin and Herlikin are very willful, stubborn and opinionated people and while they get on very well and love each other dearly, they can still butt heads. When these fights grow serious they are not afraid to become physical with each other, but on the wheol their arguements are brief and good natured. They have an enormous physical attraction between them which arises almsot wholly from their love for each other. They love the innermost soul and personality of the other so much it inspires a physical attraction which is seemingly never satiated! Clopin and Herli are soul mates - two halves of one soul lucky enough to find each other. Their beginnings of friendship make their relationship even stronger and they still rely on each other for all the love and support and strength they both need.As well as providing each other with all the humor and fun!! =D

PLEASE NOTE: This page is intended only as an introduction to Herli, to familiarize you with her character!! Don't try and piece together her life story with this alone! I love getting questions and feedback in e-mail, but if people only read this page and then ask me heaps of questions that are answered in the stories, it can get a little exhaustive! Read at least a little of the stories, and I will joyously answer any questions you have!

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