14th July, 2000 - I have decided to resume work on "Where the Heart Is" as soon as I've finished "Les Fleurs du Mal" and write my short stories whenever the going gets tough! :)


Where is 'Where The Heart Is'?  Long time visitors to this site will realise that where there were previously seven chapters, there are now none! New visitors will see a title header, but no story, just this little page! What's the explanation?

Actually, I have a VERY good explanation. A WRITER'S explanation! No, no, don't pull that face at me! Here I go...

'Where The Heart Is' was planned to be the next big saga in Clopin & Herli's life, a saga to rival 'Herlikin' in fact. Originally I intended it to be not as long as 'Herlikin', but after reviewing my notes for the story, I think its going to at least be AS long, perhaps even longer!

Now don't worry, I am not abandoning 'Where The Heart Is'! It's a VERY important story in their lives. The events of it bear greatly not only on Clopin & Herli's relationship, but Clopin's relationship with his first daughter, Herli's mental stability and effects all of them for some time to come. Its an enormous hurdle in their relationship.  It also takes alot of time to write. I also have a million trillion ideas for SHORT Clopin & Herli stories.

SO! I have reached a decision!!!! I will focus, for now, on the shorter tales, and take down the links to the first seven chapters of 'Where The Heart Is'. I will, of course, be working on it....but I won't put it up until it's completely FINISHED! And that's that! Hmm....I might use this page for updates on its progress too.  This pretty red roses is the theme set I chose for it, pretty nifty eh? Yeah I thought so too.

Harley Quinn, 4 May 2000


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